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Western Samoa,

NOTE all words in ITALICS were written on the trip.


Talofa Lava Folks!

Western Samoa not American Samoa for us.......

UPDATE 28/11/2007 Now left Samoa Alas!!!

Final pictures for Samoa posted We are sad to leave but 15 days of this heat 90+ at night and humid, boy taking its toll We stayed 1 night on Upolu in the 1848 (that old?) Princess Tui Inn in Apai (13th) We had booked 2 but it was bad so stayed 2nd day in Insel Fehrman hotel (note previous big German influence in people and architecture) where we had lunch (if only) with the Ms South Pacific pageant,  then we hired a car for 15 days  and went by ferry to Savaii where we stay in the Savaii Lagoon Resort, Beach fale (idyllic). This was a beachfront cottage with its own private beach lagoon with snorkelling on the doorstep plus swimming with turtles 15mins away. 10 nights in paradise and a chance to tick off two of the top1000 things to do before you die! (RLStevenson House on Upolu, (ace) , Hotel Safua Savaii (crap). Take a look at the Savaii Lagoon Resort via your web browser to get an idea, unfortunately as the site is still insecure in 2021 I have removed the link but it is still viewable, such a lovely place to stay....Then we came back to the main Island of Upolu to the Outrigger hotel for another few days and saw the whole of that island. The hire car enabled us to travel around all of Savaii & Upolu, we have seen more of it than most Samoans now (alas...they can't afford to travel)  Because of the international dateline on our travels we have had no 1/11, 2 13/11's and only a smidgen of the 28/11. Our 16.5 hour epic at Falealo International Airport (45 mins from the capital Apia pronounced 'R-PEA-A') was a delight in how to get no sleep The Samoans sure know how to treat a family members arrival at the airport as a party...


HIGHLIGHTS Savaii Beach, Lava flow and blow holes, Ms Samoa, Villages and their gardens (fine if not immaculate) and Robert Louis Stevensons House

LOWLIGHTS Long wait at Apia airport in the heat & humidity for a 1hr flight to Tonga


Walking outside our beach fale for a private dip in the sea lives on as well as the pineapples growing there and the short hop to the restuarant next door for freshly caught fish with chips, yummy! oh and the taxi driver who ripped us off, git! can i say that, guess i just have, trying to drive us to the other side of the island to a hotel when insel fehrman apia was just down the road, oh and hot being able to close the window in our red jeep, luckily no tropical downpour at that time.


Summary: SAMOA 16 days , Day 19-34, 13/11/2007-28/11/2007

including Upolu,Apia,Savaii,Lagoon Beach Resort

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