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storage room view pre our travels, locked before house let image 3 included in a Travel blog created by KeefH Web Designs
storage room list , what we packed up pre gap year, couldnt find Annie's jewellry on return, uploaded by KeefH Web Designs

These words from HOLIDAY 2007-8 gap year trip were written before we left when on our HOLIDAY 2007-8 trip so we constructed the old photo website, which we used on our travels to let people back home know what we were doing or possibly more importantly that we were still alive. A few pictures and details were added pre-travel to show what we expected and had planned to do. The reality as always was probably slightly different but the big picture in the plan we fundamentally achieved and we are very proud of that fact!

(Note our original words written on our travels are in ITALICS ;) ) You will see them at the start of each page. They were culled from our old Graphicorp website.


NOTE: it was Polish railway workers who rented our house, whilst we were away on HOLIDAY 2007-8 , we paid A$31 each for a 6 month Australian Visa and that Samoa has since swapped to the other side of the international date line, which makes travelling from Fiji to Samoa to Tonga, which we did a whole lot easier. “where did we lose that day?”


We leave on the 26/10/2007!!!! for our HOLIDAY 2007-8 trip, yippee!

A few things as we prepare for our GREAT ADVENTURE. It has been interesting packing, getting lodgers (we now have a bunch of Austrian engineers) and generally booking the trip. In between we have been visiting / saying our goodbyes to various friends and relatives (you may be in the rogues gallery here!!!) we will miss you all but remember a year isn't that long and technology (one of Keef's favourite words) will keep us in touch. It just ain't like Vasco De Gama's day these days....Bon Voyage, and hopefully enjoy the site

All overall feedback on this site should be directed to and should cover only HOLIDAY 2007-8

Note: You can leave ratings against any photo, we would love to see them UPDATE in 2020 Sadly you can no longer do this technically for site HOLIDAY 2007-8, apologies 

time difference chart 2007 included in a Travel blog created by KeefH Web Designs
currency converter 2007 included in a Travel blog created by KeefH Web Designs
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